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Winter Skin Care Tips

Our skin care regimen must be adapted to the seasonal changes in order to meet the daily challenges brought by cold weather. During winter our skin is exposed to all kinds of threats that can jeopardize its health and make it lose it's glow so it's essential to learn how to protect it properly. Discover how you can take care of your skin during winter to be able to look gorgeous at any time

The cold weather and the improper level of humidity are two of the most important factors that can affect our skin during winter. Due to the fact that regenerative processes of our skin slow down, maintaining the healthy glow of our skin becomes more challenging as the chances of getting dry skin increase.

Skin dryness can also lead to itchiness if the right skin care ritual is not adopted right away. However creating a good skin ritual is an essential step but in order to be truly protected several strategies must be applied on a regular basis. Here are a few tips you can use to maintain the health of your skin:

Switch to an oil based moisturizer: Although a water based might have been suitable for summer, during winter a more rich oil based moisturizer that contains glycerin is needed to protect our skin from the harmful agents. However, we should not forget that the sun rays are just as damaging during winter as they are during summer, which means that a broad-spectrum sunscreen will still be necessary so don't neglect this crucial detail when you are shopping for a new moisturizer.

For best results the moisturizing cream should be applied 30 minutes before leaving the house to ensure the skin has enough time to absorb the nutrients properly. Protecting your lips with a moisturizing lip balm is another vital step that can help you maintain your beauty in the cold season.

Taking preventative measures can really make a difference when it comes to skin care. Avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures by using gloves, scarfs and hats will minimize the skin damage, diminishing redness and preventing itchiness at least partially, making our skin care routine a lot easier.

Another simple idea you can use is to avoid using alcohol based body care products when possible as these will only accentuate the dryness of the skin even more. Aside from hydrating externally it's also important to make sure you drink enough liquids on a daily basis.

Although it can be tempting to take long, relaxing showers it is advisable to resist this type of temptation as the skin will tend to dry out even more. When it comes to exfoliating it's important make sure that we use a gentle exfoliants to to encourage the process of cell renewal without harming our sensitive protective barrier.Homemade facials and body lotions can also be used on a weekly basis to ensure a healthy natural glow. If skin redness is a problem lavender oil can be used successfully as natural remedy.

Although a healthy lifestyle is often seen as an indirect way to get a healthy skin it is one of the most useful methods to get the flawless skin you desire. Because during winter it can be more difficult to get all the essential vitamins and minerals from our diet alone, it can be beneficial to turn to a multivitamin supplement to ensure we are we get all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis. Also because improving blood flow is important for proper cell nourishment exercising for abut 45 minutes five times a week is highly recommended.

Consider purchasing a humidifier. If combination of these approaches fail to deliver results that match your expectations it might be advisable to purchase a humidifier to increase indoor air moisture. Alternatively you can also try placing pots of water in various rooms to see if this method will meet your needs properly before making this investment.

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