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Top Myths about Skin Aging

Maintaining a youthful and glowing skin is one of the top beauty concerns of women all around the world. There are countless theories about what are the steps that should be taken to preserve our natural beauty and delay the process of aging. However not all these theories are 100% accurate and we have to learn to separate the truth from fiction in order to make sure that we adopt the most adequate care routine to delay this dreaded process. Discover the truth behind some of the most common myths about aging.

Each year thousand of dollars are invested for anti aging research in an attempt to reverse the processes that deteriorate our body. In the attempt to stop the process of cellular deterioration scientists come up with a lot of different theories that looked at the process of aging from different perspectives. Although some theories have become highly popular with the speed of light and have been accepted like a general truth, many of them only have a theoretical value more than anything else. This mindset often leads to the development of urban myths that can offer a highly distorted image about how things really are. Here's a selection of myths concerning skin aging that you might still believe:

80% of wrinkles are caused before the age of 25
At the origin of this myths lays the conviction that unprotected sun exposure is the main cause for the development wrinkles. While no one denies the devastating effect that UV rays can have over the skin, the truth is that there are a lot of other factors involved in the formation of wrinkles that cannot be neglected. As the collagen supplies become start to reduce the process of aging starts to accelerate even more. Being a smoker is also an aggravating factor when it comes to developing wrinkles regardless of the age so, although this myth expresses a real concern at its core it can only be considered a half truth at best. Taking care of your skin is equally important at any age.

Anti wrinkle creams can remove wrinkles
While anti wrinkle creams can certainly improve the way our skin looks, neither of the anti aging creams available on the market will be remove any wrinkles. While anti aging creams can temporarily camouflage fine line, to get rid of wrinkles for a longer period of time the only option remains plastic surgery. This should not be surprising at all since even the companies that produce the specify on the label that results are not guaranteed or ''effects may be temporary only''.

Creams that contain collagen and antioxidants are effective in preventing wrinkles
This is yet another myth that is based on a true statement but that is purely speculative. Although anti aging creams might contain collagen, this doesn't mean that applying collagen on the skin guarantees its absorption. In the majority of cases the collagen molecules are too big to penetrate the pores of the skin so the effects are only minimum at best if in fact there are any. The same is true for synthetic antioxidants as well, because synthetic antioxidants are not absorbed in the same way by the body as natural antioxidants are.

Doing facial exercises is helpful for preventing wrinkles
Facial exercises can do more harm than good due to the fact that unlike other muscles, the facial muscles are attached directly to the skin instead of being supported by ligaments so what is true for the rest of the body is not necessarily true for the muscles of the face. That's why, all the facial movements you do have a direct impact on skin elasticity. Doing facial exercises to fight wrinkles can make the problems worse, because it can even highlight crow's feet or make a double chin more pronounced.

Products made from natural ingredients are always better then those made with synthetic ones
With all the preoccupation nowadays for green living it is completely understandable that everyone is more inclined towards natural skin care and wants to green their beauty routine. However, with all the "green" washing that takes place nowadays it can be very difficult to really make a distinction between ''natural'', ''organic'' or ''made from natural ingredients''. Another problem is that although a problem is really made from natural ingredients, it doesn't automatically mean that it is hypoallergenic. Another fact that should be kept in mind is that often, natural ingredients are harder to preserve against microbial contamination or growth than synthetic ones. Although natural products can be beneficial, it's best not to take every claim made about them at face value.

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