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Top Beauty Myths

Beauty has always been a subject of interest for women around the world. And every woman loves to take care of herself by respecting certain rules. However, some of all these rule prove to be real facts and other pure myths. Do you know that your skin-care products aren't meant to last forever or that your lips could betray your real age? Take a sneak peek to some of the most important beauty myths and see which ones are true and which ones are false.

Antioxidants slow down the aging process? Are diets the only way that help us lose weight? Does exercising helps you get rid of cellulite? Here are some of the most debatable beauty myths and the answers to these questions.

Do creams and cosmetic products expire?
Yes, beauty products don't last forever. A mishandling or putting them in a wrong place or the passage of time can make them unusable. In general, they are meant to last for three to five years as they are protected against accidental contamination due to the preservatives they contain and which prevent their degradation. If a cream changes color, and its texture breaks and the upper layer becomes watery, it might be due to the fact that its use-by date has passed. Therefore, stop using it as it might have allergic reactions.

For example, body lotion can last for two or three years, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel for about three years, mascara and liquid eyeliner for three to four months, eye and lip pencils for three to five years, lipstick and lip gloss for two to three years and foundation for about two years.

Does exercising helps you get rid of cellulite?
No, once cellulite is “installed” it is very difficult to get rid of. You need to resort to special treatments that helps you dissolve the fat. Drink a lot of water in order to eliminate toxins and look for consultancy in order to find special recommended products to diminish the “orange peel” look.

On the other hand, every person has his own metabolism and the way our body reacts to different methods and activities can differ a lot. Therefore, it's not a bad thing to give it a try.

Are diets the only way to lose weight?
No. It is true that keeping a low calorie diet is essential in order to lose weight, but even more necessary is to exercise or practice any other physical activity. It is more important to burn a big number of calories rather than consuming a low number of calories. Therefore, choose an exercise regimen that you consider is appropriate for you. However, you should take into consideration the fact that aerobic exercises are probably the best option for losing weight.

Are two liters of water enough everyday?
No. Drinking water is essential for maintaining good health and a good level of internal hydration. Every system in our body depends on water. For women, doctors recommend to drink 2.2 liters of total beverages daily, while for men, 3 liters. Our skin needs also nourishing creams and if it's too dry, it needs very nourishing creams that boosts its function.

Do our lips betray our age?
Yes. They lack hydrolipid film and melanin that unable them to protect against external aggressive factors. The hydrolipid film is an emulsion of water and fat, which represents an external barrier to defend the skin against bacteria and fungi. Moreover, our lips are surrounded with muscles and elastic fibers that facilitate their continuous movement. This is the reason why they age more rapidly and they quickly full of fine wrinkles.

Can we change the greenish aspect of the skin?
Yes, by applying mineral or clay masks every day you can get rid of this unpleasant aspect of the skin. Most of the time, this greenish-yellow look appears due to smoking excess or sun exposure.

Plucking excessively the eyebrows can ruin our look?
Yes. It is important to pluck our eyebrows in order to frame our face, but when this is done excessively and as the years pass it might stop the regrowth of the hairs. It is rather common lately to see women who need to appeal to different liners or pigmentation to redraw the line of their eyebrows.

Antioxidants slow down the aging process?
No. Supplements can slow down premature aging, but not the natural one. You can find natural antioxidants in fruits and vegetables.

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