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Sunscreen Benefits

Sunscreen is essential for the skin whenever you are exposing yourself the sun's rays. Find out what are the benefits of sunscreen and what damages can be caused to the skin if no protection is applied so your skin will have a healthy, radiant aspect.

Summer is around the corner and making sure that sunscreen benefits our skin is essential. The environment can pose a threat to our skin, especially during the hot summer days when dehydration and ultraviolet light effects can leave a negative mark on our skin. The visual aspect of the skin is of great importance as it can help give a more youthful appearance regardless of age.

Why is sunscreen necessary?

Sunscreen has been developed in order to protect the skin against the dangerous UV rays given off by the sun. During the summer these rays are most powerful thus the potential damaging effects of the UV rays is even higher. The sun is closest to the Earth during the summer season, thus, the level or radiation received from the sun is higher. The sun's rays can damage the skin especially when people overexpose themselves to the suns rays. It is true that a little bit of sun exposure benefits our organism but nothing done without protection and excessively can be beneficial. Sunscreen came as a protective solution against sun damage.
Overexposure to the sun's rays, especially during the time when they are most concentrated, from 11am to 4pm can lead to certain skin problems like:

  • sunburns

  • skin cancer

  • premature aging skin

  • skin spots

  • wrinkles and fine lines development

  • excessive skin dryness

  • These are only a few effects that unprotected sun exposure can lead to, so make sure to apply sunscreen whenever you are exposing yourself to the sun. UV light can penetrate the clouds as well, thus the clouds will not offer you protection against the damaging effects of UV's.
    Try to avoid exposing yourself to the sun during the time when these rays are most powerful, for your health. Proper skin care is highly necessary after each sun exposure as the skin might become dry and flaky due to dehydration. Drink plenty of water and apply an intense moisturizer cream after each shower and sun exposure.

    How does sunscreen work?

    The ingredients contained in sunscreen have the ability to absorb, disperse or reflect UV radiation. This will protect the skin from any potential skin damage. Because fair skin is more prone to sunburns than tanned skin, sunscreens with different sun protection factors or SPF have been developed. The higher the number the higher the protection offered. To determine what type of SPF protection you need multiply the time which takes your skin to get sunburned with the number shown on the desired sunscreen. The result will be the number of minutes your skin will be protected for. The higher the SPF, the higher the protection time and the less chances there are for you to get sunburned. Sunburns are very painful and can lead to severe skin damage depending on the degree of the burn. Choose a sunscreen which protects against both types of UV light UVA as well as UVB for best protection. Read the label carefully as some products only protect against either UVA or UVB, not both.
    Kids should use a sunscreen with a high SPF protection, about 50, as their skin is more sensitive than adult skin.
    Protect yourself and your skin and you will not regret it as protection will allow your skin to have a healthy youthful appearance for longer.

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