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Summer Skin Care

Taking an interest in skin care and skin protection can only offer you and your skin a generous amount of benefits. Learn how you can protect your skin during the summer so your skin will remain healthy and youthful looking for longer.

Summer skin care is a very important step in basic skin care as our skin is subjected to a variety of potential skin damaging factors each day. During the summer the skin can suffer as UV radiation from the sun and heat have numerous known negative effects over the skin. Offering the skin the protection it needs will help prevent damaged skin and skin problems.

Summer Skin Threats

Our skin should be protected every season as different factors have different effects over the skin, effects which can have a long term effect. Summer poses a lot of threat for our skin due to the known negative effects of ultraviolet light and heat. Ultraviolet radiation is highest during the summer thus sun exposure can lead to:

  • sunburns which can lead to skin cancer

  • premature aging skin

  • wrinkles development

  • dehydration

  • dark spots

  • These are the most frequent effects of sun exposure over the skin, effects which everyone should try their best to avoid.

    How to protect the skin during the summer

    Protection is a must during the summer as it will help avoid the unpleasant effects of sun exposure. Sun exposure is beneficial for the skin but only with protection and for limited amounts of time. Overexposure will not be beneficial for the skin, just the opposite. The best protection for the skin can be avoiding sun exposure during the times when the UV rays are the most powerful, around 11am to 4pm.
    Here are some tips so your skin will be safe and protected throughout the summer:

  • wear sunscreen whenever you expose yourself to the sun even when cloudy outside

  • drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration

  • during 11am to 4pm cover your skin or remain under the shade. Wear hats and light colored T-shirts which offer skin coverage

  • use intense moisturizers after every sun exposure as the skin might become dry

  • get enough rest so your body and skin can regenerate

  • exfoliate your skin about once a week to remove any dead skin cells and promote skin cell renewal

  • apply a lip balm or chapstick with SPF protection over your lips as they are sensitive and might become dry

  • wear a daily face cream with SPF protection so your complexion will always be protected

  • wear light make-up as the heat will dilate your pores and the make-up might clog them and cause acne or other skin problems

  • remove any traces of make-up every night before bedtime to allow your skin to breath freely

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