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Summer Skin Care Products

Summer is the season when our skin needs special care, as all the heat, humidity and sun rays accelerate its premature aging and can develop skin cancer. Taking care of our skin is a natural thing to do and it means protecting it adequately from sunburns and other noxious external factors. For a fresh and youthful skin during the summer, besides a healthy diet and less sun exposure, you should consider choosing some special summer skin care products.

Products with sun protection factor prevents sunburns and decrease the risque of skin cancer. We should use them daily on sun exposed skin, together with moisturizing lotions that replace water loss at skin level. Makeup products, especially those containing perfume, can lead to skin irritations as sweating and heat increase the risk of inflammations. Therefore, during hot summer days it is advisable to use dermato-cosmetics, which don't contain ingredients that can cause irritations. Moreover, it is recommended to use makeup products carefully as they can cause allergies.

Water-based products
Creamy products can clog pores and can encourage inflammations and irritations at skin level. Therefore, they should be replaced by water-based products with a light texture that are easily absorbed into the skin. For example, for the eye area, which is more sensitive, contour eye creams can be replaced by gels that moisturize and refresh without overloading the skin. The eye contour gel revitalizes the skin around the delicate eye area.

Thermal water sprays
Thermal water can be used for any skin type in order to revitalize and prevent irritations when the tegument is sensitive. In this case, one can use thermal cosmetics like sprays that must be used on the skin at least two times a day.

Famous for the protection offered to sensitive skin, thermal waters containing silica, a mineral having antioxidant properties and which helps maintaining the firmness of the skin offering a soothing barrier, attenuate the effects of oxidativ stress that determines premature aging.

Although all moisturizing cosmetics contain water, the remoisturizing effect of thermal water is the strongest as it is better tolerated by the skin. A thermal water spray can be applied before the makeup or after as it helps the makeup last more. Apply it by closing your eyes and spritz from about 10 cm. Leave it for a few seconds and blot off the water using a clean tissue.

Exfoliation is an important step during the hot summer days. Try using once in a while exfoliating products in order to remove dead cells. The procedure encourages a better absorption of moisturizing products. Moreover, if you don't get rid of all the dead cells, your skin will have a dull and dry appearance. Use both a body scrub as well as a face and neck scrub.

Everybody knows how important sun protection is. Dermatologists recommend the daily use of sunscreen. Day creams, foundation and lipstick can contain SPF, and its presence should represent an important part to take into consideration when buying summer makeup products.

For the skin areas that are sun exposed we should always use sunscreen, and for the beach, products with SPF 30. This way you'll prevent the negative effects and damages that sun has upon our skin. Sunscreen is recommended against sunburns and skin cancer.

You should apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going outside and reapply every two hours. When buying a sunscreen consider the following things: water resistant, SPF 15 or higher and it provides broad-spectrum protection, meaning it blocks both ultraviolet UVA and ultraviolet UVB rays.


  • Make sure you take care of your lips as they are also susceptible to skin and lip cancer due to their permanent sun exposure. Therefore, use lip products with SPF 15 or higher and a lip balm with SPF 30 or higher. Avoid baby oil, petroleum jelly, or high-shine lip gloss.

  • Choose trendy oversized sunglasses in order to avoid any eye problem. Go for ones with UV 400 protection in gray or brown colors.

  • You should avoid sun exposure between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm when there is the peak UV radiation and the sun is the most harmful.

  • Forget about the old, winter makeup and choose a lighter one, appropriate for summer. Try a liquid foundation, mineral powder and replace the blush by a bronzing powder. Darker lipsticks provide more UV protection than a lip gloss.

  • Make sure you wash and clean your face everyday. You can use a mixture made from milk and rose water.

  • For a glowing, nice-looking skin drink a lot of water. It will help you eliminate toxins and will keep your skin clean and glowing.

  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits as they furnish all the essential elements that a healthy skin needs. Carrots, celery and green salad are the best choice. Juices made from pears, grapes and water melon clean the skin.

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