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Oily Skin Care

People have different skin types, this is why different skin care products have been introduced to the market. Find out what your oily skin requires so you can radiate beauty and feel good in your own skin.

Just like every individual skin type, oily skin needs proper oily skin care which will help the skin radiate health and beauty. There are a variety of oily skin care products available from moisturizers to cleansers so just choose your favorite brand.

Oily Skin Characteristics
Oily skin can be distinguished from the other skin types easily due to the specific characteristics like:

  • large pores

  • shiny, greasy complexion

  • acne problems

  • Oily Skin Care
    Oily skin is very common among teenagers but not only, as the hormonal imbalances that affect teenage years create an excess of sebum, which leaves the skin looking shiny. This excess sebum makes the skin more prone to acne as dirt and sebum mix can clog the pores causing an infection known as pimple. This acne prone skin type needs proper care to avoid clogged pores and a greasy complexion. To ensure your complexion the best treatment try to:

  • wash your face with a mild cleansing product destined for oily complexion. Avoid using hash cleansers on your complexion as it will only leave your skin feeling dry, thus triggering more sebum development

  • use warm water to clean your complexion because warm water will help remove the sebum off your complexion much easier. Avoid using too hot or too cold water as this

  • moisturize your complexion using an oily complexion face cream which will have a mattifying effect. These creams will ensure your complexion receives the right moisture to minimize sebum production and give the complexion a matte look. Try to choose a face cream which contains SPF protection to protect your complexion from the damaging effects of UV rays

  • use blotting paper to blot the excess sebum off your complexion. Using your hands is not recommended as bacteria will transfer from the hands onto the complexion, leading to possible breakouts

  • remove any traces of make-up in the evening to allow your skin to breath. During the night the sebum will become more visible and having a clean complexion is necessary if one wishes to avoid skin problems

  • use facial masks destined for oily complexions once every week or two to pamper your skin as facial masks are highly beneficial for the complexion

  • apply an antiseptic cream on your pimples to help them heel faster

  • never pick on your skin as this will only aid infections and acne development

  • Diet for Oily Skin

    Diet can have a very big influence over the complexion as everything we eat is absorbed by our organism. Because the skin is already greasy avoid introducing too much fat into your daily eating plan. Low fat meats like fish and chicken are great for oily skin. Try to turn to a diet rich in protein and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Vitamin B, especially B2 and B5 is highly beneficial for the skin as it helps regulate the sebum production. Even the smallest deficiency can cause an oily complexion so try to eat healthy. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin because water is known for it's healthy skin benefits.

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