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Those who identified dark colored spots on their face might have to deal with melasma. This is one of the most common skin problems that affects mainly adults and especially women. The discoloration can root in several factors from health condition to other external causes. In order to be versed with the latest inventions in treatments it is worth finding out more on the main symptoms and formation of this disorder that affects our skin. Though researches regarding the triggering factors are controversial, it can be a useful point of departure to know the main risks a similar condition presupposes.

People who are affected by Melasma will identify darker patches on their face, jaw and forearm. Contacting a dermatologist is one of the first steps in order to treat a similar disorder. Medication and imbalance in hormone level can be named as the top culprits that trigger Melasma. Pregnant women make up the majority of patients who suffer from this skin problem as well as women who use hormone treatments of any kind. Fortunately Melasma will disappear when appealing to the basic treatments both of medical and alternative nature. Melasma in pregnancy is also common due to the effects of the estrogen on the body, in this case it is often called 'chloasma'.

Main Causes of Melasma

The various changes in our organism and especially the hormone level can lead to a series of reactions that regularly manifest themselves in the condition of our skin. In order to decide whether we suffer from melanoma it is worth being aware of the main causes and factors that can aggravate or generate skin discoloration. Despite the multitude of treatments it is highly recommended to take some precautions to preserve the spotless health of our complexion and avoid both aesthetic and medical problems. Look through the following causes of melasma approved also by dermatologists.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRP): Birth control pills and other more severe and radical hormone treatments can be also the main causes of the appearance of melasma. Women are affected by this due to the treatment they undergo before or during pregnancy. Indeed scientists are still looking for the relation between hormones and our skin, still it seems that this is one of the most common factors that are demonstrated by professionals. However it is also a fact that in the majority of cases melasma seems to disappear after a similar treatment is finished.

  • Medication: Melasma can be also generated by the consumption of drugs that increase the sensitivity of our skin to fight the damaging effect of the UV rays of the sun. These can be prescribed in order to treat thyroid problems or other hormone-related disorders. Moreover cosmetics can also be included in this category if these contain elements that harm the immunity of our complexion. People who are prone to skin problems should consider skipping exhausting sunbathing.

  • Light Effect: Our skin might have an unfortunate reaction to various lights as the UVA, the effect of computer screens and also fluorescent light. These can either aggravate or even produce melasma due to their deteriorating and harsh effect on cells and tissues. In order to spare yourself from an unfortunate experience make sure you protect both your eyes and complexion of these. Appeal to proper preventive actions and tools for the guaranteed protection.

  • Sun Exposure: The shining sun is indeed a great temptation especially during the hot seasons. Who would refuse a beautiful and worth-admiring tan? However it seems that things can go really bad when you skip the use of sunscreen for a quicker and more thorough tanning. Melasma can be prevented with a simple trick: apply sun protection on a daily basis, make it more times per day if you are exposed to the harsh UV rays for a longer period.

  • Melasma Treatments

    From the cheap cosmetic to the more complex and expensive procedures provide patients with the chance to get back their spotless complexion. Indeed treatments can be temporary or definite, dermatologists after a thorough examination will offer your the chance to choose from the possible methods to eliminate melasma. Some experiment with alternative medicine others scream for professional help, either way it will be a real challenge to find the cure that banishes this unpleasant skin problem. The secret to be aware of all the available remedies it is useful to skim through the main melasma treatments.

  • Makeup: Though it is a temporary remedy, it is still used in order to camouflage the signs of melasma. As the face is prominently affected by the dark spots, ladies tend to use foundations and high quality powders to balance discoloration. The upper lips as well as forehead are common spots targeted by this disorder. Use the proper makeup tools to create the impression of a perfectly proportioned face and even skin color.

  • Natural Products: Natural remedies are among the favorite methods to fight melasma. Cocoa butter is one of the top notch ingredients that proved to have a miraculous effect on the skin. Especially during pregnancy when women often face 'the mask of pregnancy' which is a common form of melasma, it is highly advisable to treat both the affected and healthy skin with beauty lotions rich in nutrients. This can also have a fabulous effect on stretch marks and other skin disorders too.

  • Hydroquinone: Skin care products often contain this ingredient which has the ability to lighten our complexion. Those who struggle with melasma both on the body and face can appeal to the effect of this element. Read the labels of cosmetic products and choose the ones that are rich in this bleaching agent. However it must be mentioned that as a side-effect some might encounter irritation in this case it is a 'must' to contact a professional for further help.

  • Sunscreen: This 'must have' accessory especially during summer will be the all time tip of dermatologists. They would advise those who have a sensitive skin to apply it on a daily basis. Moreover a high SPF can prevent the formation of other more severe skin problems as irritation and acne. Furthermore as a protective shield it will banish the penetration of the UV rays into the depth of the skin. Further ingredients as titanium oxide and also zinc oxide could be also included into the list of supplements. Most of the high quality sunscreens will contain them, therefore furnish your skin cells with the proper nutrition.

  • In the case of skin problems identifying the triggering factors and learning more about the available skin care treatments is compulsory. Those who are prone to suffer from similar conditions are highly recommended to read through the basic tricks on how to handle and recognize melasma. Both natural as well as medical methods will spare you from skin discoloration and the possible side-effect.

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