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How to Minimize Wrinkles and Fine Lines

After a certain age minimizing wrinkles as well as fine lines becomes one of the top concerns of women. Although the research when it comes to how we can prevent and minimize wrinkles is still incomplete, there are plenty strategies we can use to look and feel younger. Find out what are some of the most effective strategies you can use to be able to look your best at any time.

One of the most popular as well as controversial subject in the beauty and health industry is aging. Although scientists are not yet very sure about why the aging process really happens and what are some definite strategies we can use to stop the aging process some important discoveries were made when it comes to what are the things we can do to look as young as we feel.
Important advancements have been made as far as how our skin care routine can be altered in order to create better results. Here are a few things you can do to be able to look your best:

Avoid the sun
Unfortunately as much as we like sun tans, if we want a smooth, almost wrinkle free complexion protecting ourselves from the sun is mandatory.
With the alarming skin cancer statistics as well as a conclusive proof when it comes to the fact the natural collagen supplies are greatly diminished at those who spend extensive amounts of time in the sun, it has become crystal clear that using sunscreen and moisturizing the skin are the two most important habits we can adopt at an early age to be able to minimize wrinkles as effectively as possible.

However, spending about 15 minutes a day unprotected should not be neglected as it is one of the best ways synthesize vitamin D, which is extremely important for our bone health as well as our overall well being.

Watch your sugar intake
Since our diet impact virtually all the aspects of our health, it is extremely important to optimize it the best we can to be able to reap the benefits. Aside from choosing a balanced diet abundant in fruit and vegetables as well as lean protein sources and complex carbohydrates, there is one additional think that you should keep in mind.
Recent studies have shown that sugar has an important role in accelerating the aging process due to a reaction called gylcation which leads to skin aging and facilitates the development of wrinkles. If you are to make a single resolution concerning your diet, resolve to keep your sweet tooth in check.

Invest in a few effective anti aging products
While there are many questions whether over the counter anti aging creams really have an effect when it comes to preventing as well as masking wrinkles, experts seem to think that there is a pretty strong evidence that certain products such as creams containing retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) can really have a beneficial impact on the way or skin looks.
Over the counter products containing retinoids are believed to be effective in reducing fine lines as well as more pronounced wrinkles as well as minimizing sun damage effects. AHAs are acids that are naturally found in fruits that provide a gentle exfoliation, and depending on the concentration might also help increase collagen production.

Natural remedies
Getting rid of certain signs of aging does not necessarily have to mean turning solely to conventional products. Certain natural remedies can turn out to be surprisingly effective in helping us deal with certain problems associated with skin aging. Lemon juice for instance is great for reducing brown spots while fruit masks are a great way to take advantage of the beneficial impact of alpha-hydroxy acids at a low cost as well as giving you a softer more radiant skin.

Consider medical/spa wrinkle treatments
Although prevention and over the counter beauty products are a great way to maintain a youthful complexion sometimes we might feel dissatisfied with the way we look. Spa and medical treatments can be used if a more dramatic and instant change. Botox injections as well as microdermabrasion, chemical peels or laser resurfacing are some of the best alternatives that can be used if a more radical and dramatic transformation is desired.

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