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How to Make Summer Tan Last Longer

After various sunbathing sessions at the beach most of us have already acquired a glowing tan worth envying. The only problem for the months to come is preserving this wonderful tan as much as possible. To make this objective a reality it is necessary to know the best strategies we can use to achieve this beauty goal and enjoy a flawless looking skin in the next season as well.

The hot season offers us the possibility to enhance our beauty with a natural looking tan that enables us to enjoy a great variety of beauty benefits. As we all know, tanning can help us camouflage certain skin imperfections with ease while also providing a series of health benefits that come with rational controlled and moderate exposure. While getting a perfect tan is not a problem in this season, preserving it is a whole different story.

The benefits of preserving tan are fairly obvious: less further exposure to harmful UV rays, lower beauty costs from not having to turn to professional salons to get the renew our tan, not to mention the fact that our beauty is highlighted naturally without effort.

Deep moisturizing
One of the most important steps that can be taken to maintain our beautiful summer tan is making sure that we moisturize our skin religiously. This daily ritual is essential as it helps nourish the skin cells responsible with tanning and prevents them from peeling ensuring that your tan will last more. One of the best natural hydrating agents is coconut butter as it contains a great variety of powerful natural hydrating agents that help that provide a lot of essential nourishing substances that your skin needs. If you use a lotion of aloe Vera and coconut oil the benefits for your skin will be even greater.

Gentle exfolitation
Because the normal rituals of exfoliation can prove to be somewhat harsh for the skin when trying to maintain your tan it is recommended to switch to a gentler exfoliator or even better to switch to a moisturizing body wash instead. For a natural,homemade gentle exfoliator you can use a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil.

Apply the mixture with a loofah sponge with gentle circular movements. If you are thinking of purchasing a conventional body scrub you should consider choosing one that contains pineapple and salicylic acid. Also make sure that you take shorter showers and avoid long baths as these can also affect your tan in a decisive way.

An equally important step you can takes is making sure that you are properly hydrated and that you pay attention to your diet. While the benefits of hydration are well known for the health of the skin, you should know that what you eat can also help you maintain the beautiful tan. Several studies have shown that you can make your tan last longer if you make sure that you include more beta carotene rich foods in your diet. Important natural sources of beta carotene are carrots and other orange colored fruits and vegetables, cabbage, kale, melons or sweet potatoes.

Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from cellular degeneration while also being a powerful defense against sun damage by decreasing the changes of getting g a sunburn and enhancing the immune system.

Tan extending beauty products
The beauty industry offers us the possibility to prolong the lifespan of our tan with a series of products that can help us preserve the natural glow we acquired during the summer months. While these products are labeled as tan extending products or gradual self tanners, they act in a the same way. The main ingredient in these products is DHA, a substance derived from sugar cane that binds with the amino acids from your skin from the superficial layer of the skin, preserving the tan.
This substance is not absorbed by the skin being considered extremely safe and being used in a variety of products designed for this purpose.

Enhanced skin protection
Protecting your skin form sun damage is not only wise from the health perspective but also to preserve your tan. The main reason why this step is important for maintaining your summer tans is that as you increase sun exposure, the risk of developing sunburns increases accordingly. When you get a sunburn the skin starts peeling off which means that your tan will fade quicker. Aside from using sunscreen, the clothes you wear can also help you preserve your tan for longer. Light colored loose fitting clothes are excellent choices that can help you get closer to your goal.

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