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Home Remedies For Acne

Skin care offers a large variety of method on how to get rid of pimples, however home remedies for acne still seem to lead the top of most sough-after treatments. Due to their organic and chemical-free formula the natural recipes and the use of herbs and plants will have the same soothing and nourishing effect on our skin than the complex and severe techniques. Those who are keen to explore the miraculous world of natural and mild cures as well as crave to benefit from a spotless complexion would be thrilled to look through the following set of creative ideas.

Benefits of Home Remedies For Acne

The majority of the beauty-conscious mass tends to turn to the natural skin care treatments with great pleasure. This is undoubtedly the result of the confusing multitude of cosmetic products that might produce some unpleasant side-effects and discomfort as a consequence. Moreover who would refuse to spend not even a nickel on efficient skin care products rather than empty the pockets for an expensive skin cream or lotion. Both thanks to the availability as well as magical effect of home remedies more and more people choose these instead of engaging into budget-exhausting shopping sprees in the beauty store.

Emergency situations also scream for similar tricks, as on the big day a pimple just pops up on our face and we would rather hide into our room and cancel the meeting. Instead it is worth experimenting with the useful homemade treatments that enchant million green beauty fans with their smashing effect. In order to be versed with the miraculous effect of various plants, herbs and ingredients take a look at the following ideas. These will lead you through the process of revolutionizing your beauty care routine as well as approach to skin problems as the severe acne.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the top notch ingredients used in organic skin care. Indeed as one of the common plants in the household these can serve as the perfect remedy to treat red and inflamed acne as well as our worn-out complexion in general. The gel content is basically used as a neutralizer to eliminate the harmful agents from the surface of the skin as well as reduce swelling and other uncomfortable effects of acne. Moreover this fabulous home remedy can also act as a refresher and cooling substance applied to the sores. Having an anti-inflammatory effect it will act as an immediate treatment also for whiteheads and acne scars. In order to use it properly you have to remove the outer layer and get the gel. This applied to the spots will have the desired effect.


Medicine relies with confidence on the healing and restoring effect of peppermint. Skin care also shares this fondness and uses this ingredient as the main element of skin care products that are designed to treat several skin problems. Whether you have it in your garden or purchase it from a specialized store, you'll be able to use it in its most nutritive and natural form. Crush a few leaves into a bowl and apply the plant with the juice on the sores and leave it on for at least 5-10 minutes. Finally wash it of with lukewarm water. As one of the most frequently used anti-inflammatory remedies this will ameliorate the swelling and redness on the spot.

Lemon Juice

This delicious juice due to its AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) content is able to boost the collagen in the skin and add a healthy and flawless look to your complexion. Those who would like to use it internally will be thrilled to find out that it also has a detoxifying quality which is crucial to eliminate the harmful toxins from the body. Moreover the vitamins and minerals content will upgrade both your skin as well as organism in general. Use it in order to prevent the appearance of acne as well as other unfortunate skin disorders. Remember the condition of our organism can also influence the state of our skin.


Honey paired with milk and other nutrients is the most common combination used in skin care. Both in the case of skin lotions and creams as well as body care products, specialists appeal to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect of these two ingredients. Honey as one of the primary natural resources can soothe and also nourish the skin. Applying honey to the affected areas is one of the most efficient natural skin care treatments. Cleanse the area thoroughly then place a thin layer of honey onto the spots. Leave it on for at least 20-30 minutes than wash it off with tepid water.


One of the time-tested methods of acne healing is cucumber. Applying slices of this vegetable will reduce the inflammation implicitly banishing the redness and discomfort caused by this skin disease. Millions use it as a facial that can revive and cleanse the skin from the toxins. As its basic asset is can also be used as an astringent that shrinks large pores and prevents the penetration of dirt and other damaging factors. You can also wash you face with the juice of it after soaking the cucumber slices in mild water for an hour.

Test your creativity and skills in beauty care to create your own recipes for nourishing skin care remedies for acne. Get rid of the unpleasant spots with the miraculous effect of special potions and herbs as well as plants that would add a radiant tint to your complexion. Take a glimpse at the other skin care problems as well as skin care treatments that are available in the beauty domain to enrich your knowledge of the revolutionary methods and compositions.

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