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FPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Technology and the cosmetic industry have evolved greatly during the past few years and more beneficial and skin friendly treatments have been developed in order to promote skin youth and beauty. Find out what is FPL and how it works in improving the look of the skin.

There are a variety of laser skin rejuvenation treatments and one of the newest treatments available is the FPL skin rejuvenation treatment. Women have always longed for flawless and youthful looking skin and the new developed technologies offer amazing effects without any surgical intervention.

What is FPL?
FPL is the abbreviation of Fluorescent Pulsed Light which is an improvement brought to the well known IPL or Intense Pulsed Light cosmetic treatments. The FPL uses fluorescent light to improve the aspect of the skin without causing it any damage and without any recuperation time needed. The results offered by the FPL treatment are highly visible and quick.

How does FPL function?
FPL is generated using the help of a specially developed device which sends pulses of fluorescent light with a very well defined spectrum on the skin's surface generating heat. The heat generated by the bright, intense light stimulates the collagen and helps give a firmer look to the complexion, making the skin appear more youthful. The pores which cover the complexion will also be diminished leaving the skin looking radiant and flawless. The whole process is not painful but it can cause a bit of discomfort and leaves no scaring on the skin.
To experience the full results of the FPL, 4 to 6 treatment sessions are recommended, depending on each type of complexion.

What are the results of FPL?
FPL treatments are known as having more that just one result, so there are multiple benefits for the skin such as:

  • redness reduction

  • discoloration reduction of the skin

  • increased firmness of the skin

  • pore reduction

  • fine line reduction

  • skin texture improvement

  • What to do before and after the treatment?
    Before treatment is began:

  • avoid tanning your skin about a month before the treatment

  • make sure you are not pregnant during the FPL as this treatment is not recommended during pregnancy

  • using medication which will make your skin sensitive

  • After treatment has been completed:

  • avoid tanning your skin for about 6 weeks after the treatment has been completed to avoid damaging your sensitive skin

  • use mineral make-up if you need to use make-up

  • avoid harsh cleansers and avoid exfoliating your skin

  • avoid hot baths and anything hot which can irritate your complexion

  • After each treatment session you will be able to walk out without any problems and go back to your regular chores and schedule. A little bit of itching is normal and should disappear after a few hours. You can have a lovely glowing, youthful and healthy looking complexion without any complicated procedures which require recuperation.

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