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The skin is the greatest organ of the human body. Indeed Eczema is one of the common skin allergies that triggers a series of unpleasant and hypersensitive reactions due to the contact with various chemicals, metals and other materials. Those who have a sensitive skin might be more prone to harsh effects of these, therefore it is important to find out more on the precautions to protect our complexion. Eczema or as others know it dermatitis have several symptoms that are of crucial importance in the initial phase of treating this common skin allergy.

Eczema Causes

Unfortunately specialists weren't able to identify the primary causes of eczema. In fact the main phenomenon that takes place is the reaction of the skin to a certain type of triggering irritant. Mites, mold and also other chemicals and various cosmetics are only some of the main culprits of the formation of a similar allergy. In order to detect both the measure of the disease as well as the main irritants it is more than advisable to look through the medical records of the family, if it is of a genetic nature as well as our environment, whether there are unusual materials and substances that weaken our immune system. Read through the following well-known causes of eczema.

  • Hormones: As one of the most common agent in various diseases, the imbalanced hormone fluctuation can generate several problems. From skin allergies of all types to other more severe problems. In fact the functioning of the thyroid can determine whether the equilibrium in our organism is set or blurred. If the body produces too much or on the contrary few hormones the harmful residues won't be properly eliminated. The blood flow which is responsible for this task will be low and would decrease the resistance of the skin towards these agents.

  • Harsh Cosmetics: Chemical-based cosmetics often contain ingredients that can harm our complexion. Various soaps, lotions and even perfumes make our skin more prone to skin allergies as eczema. In order to rule out the chance for severe disorders it is highly recommended to look for natural compositions. These would guarantee a green treatment, modern cosmetics furnishes the public with various organic products that might seem a bit expensive but definitely more efficient. Read the labels carefully to identify the greatest enemies of your skin.

  • Climate Changes: The extremely cold or hot weather can have an unfortunate effect on your skin. It is a common reaction of our complexion to become red and get irritated especially in places where the climate wobbles between extremes.

    As the climate suddenly changes we encounter dehydration and other damages. Protect your complexion with sunscreen a 'must have' to combat the deteriorating effect of UV rays. Moreover use the proper basic skin care products for a spotless look and the smooth safe and sound condition of your complexion.

  • Stress: Internal factors can also have a visible effect on our skin. Those who can't control their anxiety with the multitude of stress management techniques can also expose their complexion to allergic reactions. As the temperature of the body increases, we might start to sweat and a series of phenomenons are launched on the level of adrenal glands.

    Controlling our nerves is the key to reduce the malfunctioning in the intestinal tract which can lead to several illnesses. Moreover it is also useful to be prepared for similar symptoms as itching, redness and inflammation with the various allergy treatments.

  • Wool or Synthetic Fibers: These materials especially if worn on sensitive spots of the body can generate severe reactions. Redness and itching are only some of the mild symptoms, however some might be also faced with swelling and respiratory problems.

  • Eliminating the triggering factor is a must if we want to reduce the chances for another eczema. Dermatitis is often caused by wool and synthetic fibers due to their harsh effect on the skin.Though these have several assets as sweat retention and protection of the skin, still it is recommended to test them before wearing them for a longer period.

    Flare-ups occur due to the irritation of the complexion as the direct effect of abrasive clothes especially when paired with the overheating of the body. Make sure during the identification of main triggering factors that you find out whether you are allergic to the material or the detergent it was washed with or treated beforehand.

  • Eczema Symptoms

    Eczema has several obvious and signature signs that can be easily identified. This will give us the chance to find out more on the causes and treatments. In order to be able to detect the type of eczema we are faced with it is advisable to read through the following eczema symptoms.

  • Sensitive Skin: Those who experienced eczema know that one of the main symptoms of a similar skin allergy is sensitive skin. The various body parts as the legs, feet, neck and cheeks are all areas that are often targeted by these manifestations. Moreover it can also affect the eyelids and the skin around the eyes. The sensitivity can be also joined by itchiness and swelling. In this case it is compulsory to contact a dermatologist.

  • Itchiness: One of the basic symptoms of eczema is itching. Especially when the body temperature increase the eczema is paired with sweating and the irritation increases. However we should not fall into extremes that every type of itching means skin allergy. The allergic reactions should continue with redness and other symptoms to know for sure that we are faced with eczema.

  • Redness: Another symptoms that is one of the trademarks of skin allergies. Those who experience a frequent redness due to the contact of the skin with various chemicals and materials should contact a dermatologist in order to identify whether this is only the primary phase of a skin allergy. The irritated patches can also grow in number and size.

  • Bumps: As the result of the flowing of tissue fluids between the cells smaller or bigger bumps might appear on the surface of the skin. Their nature will be determined both by the type of eczema as well as the measure of inflammation. These tiny fluid tanks can also get filled with pus or just simply fluids. Asking the help of professionals is a must in this case too. They will furnish your with a specialized allergy treatment.
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