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Cleavage Care Tips

Beautiful breasts are a the top symbol of femininity and therefore learning to take care of our breast properly is the best way to ensure that our cleavage remains one of our most attractive features. By adopting a few clever strategies and an appropriate care routine we can make sure that our breasts remain healthy and that the skin that surrounds the cleavage area remains firm for a longer time.

While every woman is aware of how important the cleavage is for our overall appearance, many women do not devote enough attention to their breasts. Without a proper care the skin around this area can soon begin to sag and the signs of aging can quickly install as a result. Our daily habits have a major influence on the way our skin looks, especially on the sensitive area of our bust.

Smoking, using a bra that does not fit our breasts perfectly, hot baths, excessive alcohol use, sudden weight loss, sun exposure or pollution are the main factors that have a negative influence on the way our breasts look. Eliminating as many as these harmful factors as possible is an essential step to maintain the health of our breasts. Aside from eliminating these factors, the following tips will prove to be extremely beneficial if we want to have a flawless cleavage.

Learn to choose the perfect bra size. While it can be fairly easy to determine the perfect bra size ourselves, consulting a professional is more recommended because we can easily make mistakes. It's important to try on each bra before purchasing it to make sure that it is comfortable enough.

To emphasize our cleavage push up bras are a necessary acquisition. A sports bra is also a good acquisition considering the fact that excessive breast movements during exercise can cause pain as well as sagging.

Exercise is very important to keep the cleavage area from sagging. By training the pectoral muscles the breasts will remain firm and toned. The best exercises for the bust are push ups, isometric exercises such as 'the prayer', weight training exercises or exercises performed at the pec fly machine. In addition to these exercises, keeping a good posture is another essential requirement for beautiful breasts.

One of the major problems of the decolletage area is that the skin is very prone to dryness but a gentle care routine can easily solve the problem. The first step we need to take in order to have a beautiful cleavage is to use a gentle exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells. A facial cleaner is ideal for the bust area as well due to the fact that they have a mild formula.
Using cold or lukewarm water can help the breasts remain firm. Massaging the area with essential oils a few times a week is a good idea to maintain the firmness of the breast. Another essential step is applying a moisturizing cream after each shower. A cream that contains shea butter or cocoa butter is an excellent choice for this area as it is very nourishing.

Cosmetic tricks represent an optimal solution when we are trying to draw attention to our cleavage.
Using eye shadow on the bust area might seem like a strange idea, yet this trick has been successfully used by celebrities to perk up their bust line. Choose a eye shadow or a bronzer that is slightly darker than your skin tone and apply it using a clean makeup brush to make your decolletage look fuller in a matter of seconds. Wearing tight fitting clothes such as lightly colored halter tops will help enhance the cleavage area giving a subtle and alluring touch.

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