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Chemical Peel Benefits

Chemical peels have been a well kept secret of Hollywood celebrities a few decades ago. Improvements in the cosmetic industry has lead to the evolution of the chemical peels, nowadays these treatments being used according to the problems needed to treat. Find out all about chemical peel benefits and determine if this is the right treatment for you.

Chemical peel benefits have been well known since this skin care treatment has been developed. Aging is a natural process which affects everyone at one point in life, and dealing with the effects of aging is not an easy thing. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots are only a few negative effects of the aging process so removing them after they have occurred seems dreamy for most people.

How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels are known for their effects and this is why they are increasing in popularity. Chemical peel treatments involve the use of chemical solutions which help remove skin layers and promote skin renewal. There are different types of chemical peels which are differentiated through the chemical used to perform the peeling. The substances differ in concentration to allow different skin problems to be treated. It is absolutely logical that fine lines are easier to remove than deep wrinkles, thus a less acidic or less concentrated solution can be used for treatment.
This type of treatments need to be performed by a physician in order to ensure the skin receives only benefits without causing skin damaged. Some chemical peels require anesthesia before the procedure is performed, as they are painful and require special care and attention.

Chemical peel types

There are a variety of chemical peel types meant to treat skin problems of different degrees. It is imperative to receive the treatments which best suits your wrinkle degree and skin damage. There are different types of chemical peels meant to deal with skin surface damage, medium skin damage and deep skin damage.
They are chemical peels based on:
Alphahydroxy acids
Alphahydroxy acids which are derived naturally from different fruits as well as milk. The acids are obtained from citruses, sugar cane, milk, grapes and apples and they are citric acids, glycol, lactic acids, malic acids and tartaric acids. These acidic substances are used for light peelings, perfect for people with fine lines, acne, uneven skin pigmentation and people who don't have enough time for recovery, as other chemical peel types would require. Alphahydroxy acids can:

  • help produce a lighter skin development as well as a smoother surface

  • can improve dry skin

  • help remove acne

  • be mixed in small quantities with daily skin care creams and used as a skin care treatment

  • can correct skin pigmentation

  • Multiple sessions of AHA peelings might be necessary in order to achieve the desired result and promote healthy skin renewal. Because the new skin will be more sensitive, it is necessary to protect it on a daily basis using a sunblock or sunscreen.

    Trichloroacetic acids
    Trichloroacetic acids are used for medium deep peelings as the ingredient used is found in higher concentrations. This type of treatment works well for people with a darker skin complexion and medium skin problems. Trichloroacetic acids can:

  • smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

  • aid acne and blemish treatment

  • even out skin pigmentation problems

  • The depth of the peeling can be adjusted by using different concentrations of trichloroacetic acid. Sunscreen after treatment use is highly necessary for a few months.

    Phenol chemical peels are the strongest chemical peels one can opt for. This type of chemical peel requires anesthesia and recovery time as the skin is penetrated on a deeper level than other chemical peels. The skin type can determine if the treatment is or is not recommended. Phenol chemical peels can:

  • rectify blotches caused by aging, sun exposure, etc

  • remove or improve the appearance of deep wrinkles

  • remove pre-cancerous growth

  • permanently remove freckles

  • Phenol chemical peels are long lasting and can take up to 20 years off your face. The use of sunscreen or sunblock after treatment is essential as the new revealed skin is more sensitive and lighter in color.

    An initial consultation with a physician will help you determine what type of chemical peel your skin needs in order to look as fabulous as in your youth.

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